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Meet Rob

rob-delGaudioRob is a music teacher and he writes songs.  A few years back Rob was at home coming up with a song called All Around the Campfire.  After he finished he thought to himself, “Hey, I should write another campfire song!”  Pretty soon there were enough campfire songs to fill an entire album.  Rob wanted to record them.  He was thinking of his days at summer camp, the friends he made, the campfire sing alongs and all of the good memories.  Rob was one of the lucky kids that had the chance to go to camp.  Many kids never get that opportunity.  He started to wonder if he could use these songs to do something good…

Rob did some research on charities that help send underprivileged and disadvantaged kids to summer camp.  He discovered SCOPE and the National Inclusion Project.  He reached out to them and shared his idea of recording an album that would benefit their organizations.  They loved the idea and asked how they can help.  The Campfire Songs Project was born.

Rob needed to raise money to record the album.  In April 2014 he launched an INDIEGOGO campaign and in just 28 days he reached his goal of raising $10,000 from generous friends, family members and summer camp supporters. indiegogo

A month later Rob began recording at Dubway Studios in NYC.  Over the next several months musicians and singers came by the studio to work on Rob’s “Campfire Songs” album.  It seemed everyone was so willing and delighted to be a part of the project.

Kids from the Westchester Youth Chorus even volunteered a Saturday morning to come in and sing.  After many more months of editing and mixing, in December 2015 the album was finally complete.

Rob DelGaudio’s “Campfire Songs” is now available for purchase right here on our website and digitally on iTunes and Amazon.  Proceeds will benefit SCOPE and the National Inclusion Project.


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