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It is the mission of the Campfire Songs Project to make it possible for all kids to go to summer camp. Camps are places designed to create happy memories, encourage good character, build self-esteem, celebrate differences and make lasting friendships. The Campfire Songs Project uses profits from album sales to support charities that give underprivileged and disadvantaged children the chance to go to summer camp.

Give Kids a Chance to Go to Summer Camp

Summer camp is an opportunity for kids to be exposed to the best of human character. Your contribution can help give this wonderful experience to an inner city child.

How Does it Work?

We recorded a fun album of Campfire Songs and the proceeds will fund camp scholarships at nonprofit resident camps where children will benefit from a positive, safe and healthy environment.

Your Contribution Matters

We think every kid deserves summer camp. So we’re partnering up with a few organizations that truly make summer camp possible for all kids.

Listen to Campfire Songs

We collaborated with some amazing musicians, and recorded original, fun & heartwarming odes to childhood summers for an album titled Campfire Songs.

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Hear Samples From the Album!

All Around The Campfire

French Louie

Witch of Wostow


Granola Lola

Campfire Reprise


Camp is an Unforgettable Positive Life Experience

If you went to camp, you already understand. Summer camp is one of the most rewarding, unforgettable experiences in a child’s life. You try new things. You develop social skills. You face challenges and learn the value of hard work. You build character. You foster independence.

Every Kid Deserves Summer Camp

Summer camp is place designed to create happy memories, build self-esteem & build community. Every kid deserves to be a part of that. With every album we sell summer camp becomes a greater possibility for every family.

Lower Income Kids Benefit The Most

While all children benefit from summer camp, lower-income children benefit the most. During the summer months when school is out many lower-income children are left unsupervised and many of them suffer from “summer learning loss,” the loss of several months of knowledge. Summer camp bridges the achievement gap and keeps kids on a healthy track.

Fostering Diversity

Creating scholarships allows for camps to open the doors to all kinds of kids. Children can get to know children that are different from them in an environment that lets everyone feel valued and equal.

You Will Love This Music

Not only are we making camp a reality for kids, we made a really awesome album! They are brand new, never-been-heard campfire songs that feature a children’s choir, Broadway singers and some amazing musicians. A lot of sweat and tears went into the writing and recording of these catchy tunes that you will want to listen to over and over again!

How The Project Grows, Nobody Knows!

The album is just the beginning. Down the road could be more projects, music videos, concerts, another album and more. Camps all across the USA and Canada could take part! The more we grow, the more the possibility of camp grows.

Recent News

Flicker of the Campfire

The flicker of the campfire, the wind in the pines, the moon in the heavens, the stars that shine. A place where people gather to make friends of all kinds a place where all our troubles are always left behind. So give me the light of a campfire, warm and bright, and give me some friends to sing with; I’ll be here all night. Love is for those who find it; I found mine right here. Just you and me and the campfire and the songs we love to hear.

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